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Intro from Rob Bell...

"If you are looking for a full featured, release quality, well documented, comprehensive CAM solution then Zomadicam version 1.11 is not for you. Zomadicam is a home grown piece of software which I've written while learning the Ruby scripting language and CNC in general. It has however served me very well and has been and continues to be my CAD/CAM solution for 90% of the work I've do. So if you are a brave soul who already uses SketchUp and would like to create your partfiles straight from the source then this might be the right tool for the right job for you.

If you do chose to participate in the Zomadicam project you should be prepared, at least initially, to download the latest version frequently and be patient as features you've come to take for granted are implemented. I recommend familiarizing yourself with what the tool can do in your spare time and don't even try to pump out a job with it until you've determined that it can do what you want and that you know how to make it do that. The functionality of this version is very limited - it doesn't even do pocketing, so be warned.

On the Zomadicam code site you can find basic instructions on how to install the plugins and generate partfiles from pre-defined models you can download from the Google 3-D Warehouse. You can also generate partfiles based upon simple Sketchup geometry you draw yourself.

One of the Proper Models currently available for download from the 3-D Warehouse is my model of the Jamboree Box contest. You can download this model into Sketchup and generate the requisite partfile yourself from Sketchup. You might also choose to modify the model in some fashion within Sketchup - generate the partfile again and your changes will be represented in the new partfile output.

You can also build original Proper Models in Sketchup yourself which are Zomadicam ready. The basic rule is that every part of a model must be it's own component and the coordinate axes of that part must represent how that part is to orient to the Shopbot table. Once you've built a model you like and you want to share it you can upload it to the 3D Warehouse. Tag the model with zomadicam so other people can find it.

If you are a developer with a familiarity of CNC and the Sketchup Ruby API and you would like to contribute to the development of Zomadicam you may contact me at rob(at)zomadic(dot)com"

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