X and Y Axis

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X and Y axis Maintenance:

  • Periodically check all bolts for tightness and make sure that all the X & Y wheel bearing are properly seated on the tracks as the tool moves up and down the rails.
  • For PRT tools, the most difficult and critical of the adjustment is for the hold-down bearings on the Y axis. These bearings need to be engaging the inside of the rail with some tension (you should be able to just rotate wheel with your fingers) but not pressing so hard that they force an upper wheel off the rail. Additionally it is important that the lower bearings are pulling down slightly on the carriage. That is, they should be set slightly high, with just their lower lips engaging. It is the adjustment of these bearings that resists racking of the Y-axis carriage and stiffens the cutter against chatter.
  • Periodically check the Y axis for square to the X axis. If you used installed your end-stops with the carriage square, then you should be able to just pull the carriage into the end-stops to test for square.
  • Now have a look at each of the motors. First generally inspect the alignment of the motor to the rail and rack. You want to have the pinions engage the rack as squarely as possible. Then, loosen and unhook the turnbuckle and spring and test the tightness of the swivel. You want it tight, just barely free to swivel (there should be a little grease under the bracket). Then retighten the spring and turnbuckle into place. Use 4 full turns of the turnbuckle from the point the spring starts to open. Don’t forget to tighten the lock nut.
  • Do the wiggle test to make sure that everything is as it should be.
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