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The Wiggle test:

As a matter or regular daily routine and if you are ever experiencing any cutting problems, do the following test to make sure the drive system mechanical components of your tool are functioning correctly. After turning the power on to the tool (the software does not need to be running), go to each of the cars of your tool (the two X cars and the Y car) and give it several vigorous shoves back and forth. The cars should be locked solidly in position and not move. They should not wiggle back and forth more than a few thousandths on an inch. It should take 50 pounds of force or more to move the car (though you don’t need to be this energetic).

If a car should wiggle or move, it is an indication that the set screws in the pinions are not fully tight on the flats of the motor shaft. These screws are set in lock-tite to keep them seated, but there is a lot of vibration during cutting operations and the screws can loosen so that they may cause uneven cutting. Retighten them if necessary.

  • On a PRS ShopBot tool, looseness may also indicate that the motor bracket needs to be pulled tighter into position. Loosen the 4 screws slightly and pull the motor up (hand tight) and re-tighten.
  • On a PRT ShopBot Tool, if you see the spring flex on the motor bracket during your test, make sure that it is fully engaged and that the turnbuckle has not opened. The turnbuckle should be tightened 4 full turns beyond the point that the spring begins to open.
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