What are the advantages of a 2-sided puck over a 1-sided one? Disadvantages?

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2-sided vs 1-sided Pucks

  • A 2-sided puck can catastrophically fail if you break thru the top vac chamber. A 1-sided one that's screwed down to the spoilboard is better. If you loose suction not only could your board fly off but the puck along with the hose and fittings could get snatched up. The hose could get snagged and wrung around the bit, metal fittings could be come shrapnel and so forth. I never rely on the same vac to hold the puck down as holds the work piece. I either screw it down or use a 24" x48" puck (I'm not sure if you still call it a puck at that point) and lock it down to one zone using my vac table.

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