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Small Vac Tables

Small, purpose built vacuum tables can be made out of just about any material that is not porous. While many people have chosen to use some of the PVC plastics, even plywood can work if it is properly, and thoroughly sealed. The primary features needed in these tables (or jigs) is that the material will stay flat, and NOT leak air, either through the top/bottom surfaces OR the sides. it is VERY important to seal the sides of ANY vacuum jig or else the efficiency of the jig , and it's performance will suffer, or even fail. In addition to having the benefit of being adaptable, and mobile, the smaller jigs can also be used with different vacuum sources. A piston type pump (such as a Gast) can be used if very small parts need to be held down for engraving. But if the engraved part is going into a larger cabinet a couple of the smaller jigs can be connected ,via vacuum tubing, to create a "chain" which could be placed strategically on the table, and then hold much larger parts. Another strong point for these smaller jigs is that by using a vacuum gasket tape the same jig can be reconfigured to hold different parts. The tape improves the holding power of a jig, and it allows a shop to use less jigs in more applications. While most vacuum jigs will work without the tape, their efficiency improves greatly when it is applied.Depending on the size of the jig they can be run using either a "shopvac" type of unit, OR the piston type as mentioned above. If you already HAVE either type of pump in your shop it's suggested that you try that unit before running out and buying another piece of equipment. It is important to note that you must be careful about "zeroing"your machine when using a smaller jig, so you don't wind up cutting into the surface of the tape, or jig itself. When zeroing on jobs with these jigs be SURE to have the vacuum pump turned ON at the time of zeroing as the height of your material surface will change when the pump is running...

Image:BillP_VacTableSmall1.jpg Image:BillP_VacTableSmall2.jpg


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