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TurboCADCAM .nc File Export and Conversion to ShopBot Part File (.sbp)


  1. In the CAM palette, highlight the part or operation for which you want to save the .nc code.
  2. Right-click the highlighted selection and select Save G-code to File. Choose the desired folder on your computer and click Save.
    NOTE: In the Save As dialog box, select All Files (*.*) for the save as type:. This will ensure the file is saved with an .nc extension.


  1. From the ShopBot Control Console, click on [F]ile then highlight and click file [C]onversions
  2. In the Select a ShopBot Part File menu, select G-Code Files in the Files of Type: dialog box.
  3. Browse to and highlight the .nc file you saved in Step 2 above.
  4. Click Open. The ShopBot file converter will generate a file having the save name as your .nc file with a .sbp file extension.

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