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Ten years perhaps his army would be at that goal and he'd be around to see it retired by then of course honorably so with his decorations framed and hanging on the wall and grandchildren to bounce on his knee. . . and occasionally coming. cheap nexium For four hours. And then it was luncheon. And after luncheon he would tie me again. Well I suffered. I suffered so much that I must lean against the wall to support me to walk home. And in the night I could not sleep I could cry with the pains in my arms and my ribs I had no sleep. 'You've said you'd do it so now you must ' he said to me. 'And I will do it ' I said. And so he tied me up. This cross you know was on a little raised place--I don't know what you call it--" "A platform " suggested Alvina. "A platform. Now one day when he came to do something to me when I was tied up he slipped back over this platform and he pulled me who was tied on the cross with him. So we all fell down he with the naked man on top of him and the heavy cross on top of us both. I could not move because I was tied. And it was so with me on top of him and the heavy cross that he could not get out. So he had to lie shouting underneath me until some one came to the studio to untie me. No we were not hurt because the top of the cross fell so that it did not crush us. 'Now you have had a taste of the cross ' I said to him. 'Yes you devil but I shan't let you off ' he said to me. "To make the time go he would ask me questions. Once he said 'Now Califano what time is it? I give you three guesses and if you guess right once I give you sixpence. ' So I guessed three o'clock. 'That's one. Now then what time is it? 'Again three o'clock. 'That's two guesses gone you silly devil. Now then what time is it? 'So now I was obstinate and I said _Three o'clock_. He took out his watch. 'Why damn you how did you know? I give you a shilling--' It was three o'clock as I said so he gave me a shilling instead of sixpence as he had said--" It was strange in the silent winter afternoon downstairs in the black kitchen to sit drinking a cup of tea with Pancrazio and hearing these stories of English painters. It was strange to look at the battered figure of Pancrazio and think how much he. dw64555s3s32g4hzzx5c5e6et5

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