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Build a Telescope with a ShopBot

I think everyone, at least all the Baby Boomers that grew up during the Space Race, are fascinated by space and the stars. A telescope seems like a great ShopBot project, and this wiki section is for help with design and cutting ideas. Please add to it with thoughts and suggestions.

Though there are lots of different kind of telescopes, the Dobsonian telescope style that was created by John Dobson seems to be the best choice for homebuilders and also is the most ShopBot-y. John Dobson was co-founder of the Sidewalk Astronomers group that promotes amateur astronomy and telescope building. There are also lots of resources and information on the web on building Dobsonian telescopes which are included in the Links section.

Many thanks to Mike Rawlings for his guidance and help...much of this information is based on his experiences

Mike Rawling's 12" telescope
Mike Rawling's 12" telescope

Design Decisions



--Bill Young 11:02, 11 November 2007 (EST)

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