Static Electric Fires

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When I worked in a cabinet shop, the accepted wisdom was to either use sheet metal ducting with grounding to the machines and collector, or if you were feeling a tight budget, use PVC DWV (Drain Waste Vent) piping with a bare 14 gauge copper wire ran through it to the machines ground points.

The only way to disperse static electricity is to provide a conductive pathway for it to a ground of lower voltage potential. The "safety ground" pin of each power outlet in your shop should provide an easy and convenient connection to your shops ground rod.

Check the breaker box of your shop, and make sure all the connections between the ground buss bar and the grounding rod are tight, and have no corrosion (just like checking the battery posts on your truck). You can increase the electrical conductance of your ground rod by pouring a 1 pound container of table salt on it, and wetting the area. Yes, it will also increase the rate of corrosion on the rod. At least try to keep the ground wet, dry dirt doesn't conduct well.

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