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Why a wiki...what's wrong with the ShopBot forum?

There's nothing wrong with the's a great place to ask questions and discuss things that you want to work on. The problem with any forum is that, even with the best search capabilities, it's hard to quickly and easily find the answer to your questions because it's designed for discussion and not as a reference. The wiki format was written from the ground up to make it easy to find things...this particular software that we're using is what the Wikipedia runs on. We're thinking that this wiki and the ShopBot forum will work hand-in-hand to make it easier to do things with your ShopBot.

Thoughts on adding to the ShopBot wiki

  • This is not meant to be an encyclopedia so don't feel like you have to write an full article on a topic...a paragraph with some tips or links to more information is great. The easiest way to start is to find a tip or some info from the forum that you think is helpful and copy it in the wiki. If it fits in an existing page then just add it to that page, but if it doesn't fit in an existing page feel free to create a new page. The Help page will get you started.

  • Don't feel like everything you post has to be correctly formatted and perfectly worded and spelled. One of the strong points of wikis is that they're easily edited, so you (or someone else) can come back later on and make changes.

  • Don't be hurt if someone edits one of your's (hopefully) not personal!

  • If you feel that someone has posted something that's dangerous then please change it, but if it's just your opinion that it's incorrect then you might want to try adding something about your thought to the discussion tab for that wiki page. If you know a different way to do the same thing it's better to add it to the page instead of replacing the existing text.

  • Many times creating your link as a question is the best way to help people locate the answer they're looking for.

  • Image uploading has been enabled for .gif and .jpg files. This is not to be used as a gallery to show off your work but just to illustrate something that you're writing about, so keep the files below 1 meg please. When you upload an image pick a name that uses your user name, and underscore, and then a number or some other description like this JoeDoe_25.jpg to keep from overwriting someone else's file.

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