Shopbot Install Kit

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This photo is "nearly" everything we jammed into our Shopbot install kit. Missing from the photo is a power drill and extra Phillips screwing bits and the adorable little tool bag we keep everything in.


Below is not quite a complete list of what is in our Shopbot build tool bag -- only what is at Sears online.  Missing are: zip ties, small (ie jewelers) slotted/phillips screw drivers, electrical tape, safety glasses, Sharpies, carpenter's pencil, flashlight, and hairties.

  • ratcheting combo wrench standard:

  • digital level 10" long

  • (quantity 10)

12" long squeezy clamps

  • 1" spade bit

  • 3/8" spiral drill bit

  • 16' tape measure

  • aircraft shears

  • gloves, 2pk

  • plastic hammer

  • rubber mallet

  • standard hex keys

  • screw driver slotted/phillips

  • wire stripper

  • adjustable wrench 8in

  • adjustable wrench 10in

  • needle nose pliers, diagonal cutters, wirestripper, linesman pliers.

  • little tool bag

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