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Using a Shopvac for creating a vacuum to hold parts down on your CNC machine is a low cost approach that many find will do everything they need in the holding department.

Many ShopBotters use the Fein Turbo III vacs with great success for holding their parts, however you will not be able to just throw your parts on the table and begin cutting without first giving your requirements some thought. If the parts are big, like a 4'X8' sheet of material, then a full table vacuum setup with zones would be the best fit for you. If you make lots of cuts through the material, you may find you need to connect two, or more vacuums together so you will have more air movement than will be pulled past the kerfs around your parts. Another way to address this volume of air needed is to not cut all of your parts through at first, but leave a little "skin" attached at the bottom so the vacuum is maintained. Then after you have made all of the cuts, you can go back and cut through the thin skin that is left. Or, you could use a utility knife or hand held router with bearing on the bit to cut free the parts. For those people who don't cut the same parts every day, another advantage with this kind of system is that they can use a high density vacuum gasket tape and actually designate specific areas for better vacuum.

(Note: The term "Shopvac" is used generically here to describe a type of vacuum, and not to specify a specific brand)

Kc4ylx, BillP
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