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Hi! In my travels around the country running our Camps and Jamborees I have met a growing number of Shopbot owners who are using their machines in schools. It seems that more and more school districts are catching on to the idea of using computer technology and the 'Bot to expand some curriculums, (and in many cases saving other programs..). What we plan to do here is offer up a place where teachers can exchange ideas, lesson plans, projects, funding sources, etc. that have worked in their area. There is even a movement going on down in Texas to write a state wide program to be used as the model for a state wide syllabus when a CNC curriculum is created. We're thinking that if we can organize all of our own teacher resources as a group on a national basis we might be able to provide enough input, and content ,to establish the Shopbot model as a realistic way to incorporate our efforts throughout the country. I know that many of you have posted some of your offerings on the Forum, or on web Blog pages, in the past. But now we're hoping to round all of these ideas up into one arena. It doesn't have to be brand new stuff, just start posting what you have, and hopefully others will be able to add to it.....Thanks ! Bill Palumbo

Amy, BillP
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