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I'm receiving my new machine tomorrow and need to know the best place to locate it. Is in a corner OK? Can it be close to a wall? How much clearance do I need?

If you possibly can, you'll want your machine to be at least three feet away from any wall. I have my 60x120 Alpha just two feet away from one wall, and that makes it hard to work. There are times when it would be so much easier if I could load and unload from any side. Even routine maintenance would be easier if I had more room.
You need enough room to move around the machine on all sides. While 36" would be great I have about 48" at the head where my PC station goes and 20" down one side which is enough for me to get back there and clean/work/pickup parts etc... The otherside is open to the floor and there is a bandsaw about 30" from it on one corner and a table more than 36" away about mid bot. The end away from the PC is open to the floor and a straight shot to my sheet storage rack which is about 9 feet away. I can take sheets straight off the rack and onto the bot. There is enough space to bring sheets in and store them and to flip them around if needed. I keep that space open or I sit my mobile parts carts there which are easy to move aside.

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