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My Shop has low ceilings and there's not room for the cable bow. What do I do?

  • Plastic "energy chain" can be used to keep the profile low and is available from McMaster Carr. The part numbers are "4409T593 (6') Open Style Side-Hinge Cable And Hose Carrier" and "(2) 4556T582 Mounting Bracket". The chain comes in different sizes, styles and bend radii, but this one works to keep the spindle wiring separate from the other cables as per the manual. The chart on the catalog page shows that you only really need 55" to do the job, but I reordered 2 more feet to complete the run all the way to the other (+Y) side of the X car. You will need a bracket on the Y-Z car to mount the movable end of the chain too.

  • A bent and welded bracket that supports both the end of the energy chain and the hose end for a Dust Collector.
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