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Type of software: 3d Design

Price: $995 is the "default" price but it can vary in the range of $775-950 depending on the reseller. Educational price for full version is $195

Description: Advanced 3D NURBS based modeling software with all the bells and whistles. Read and write (open/import - save/export) a great variety of file format including bitmaps and 2D vector based. Basic rendering capability that can be greatly enhanced with companion applications and plugins.

Pros: Most affordable at this level of modeling capability. Vastly supported by resellers and user community. Handle many file formats. CAM companion products and plugins available.

Cons: Maybe price; make sure you actually need this level of modeling. Learning curve; a lots of tools and features to explore... Not very well suited for mesh based (sub-division) editing and modeling... though one can have meshes inside.



www.rhino3d.tv Video podcasts for Rhino

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