Recording 2 Head Offset

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Setting up for 2 head cutting:

Once you have the accurate offset measurements between the centers of the two cutting heads you'll need to save those values in a file named "my_variables.sbc" that is installed in your "C:/sbparts/custom" folder, so that the 2head post will be able to access them. There are 2 ways to update those values.

Using the ShopBot Setup Virtual Tool

You can use the ShopBot Setup Tool (TS) to update the default values to your accurate ones using these steps...

  • Start the ShopBot setup Virtual Tool with the (TS) command or by selecting it from the Tools menu.
  • Click the Next button on the first screen then look for this setting at the bottom of the window


and make sure it's checked. Click Next

  • Keep clicking Next until you see this screen


and enter the accurate X and Y offset values for your particular tool in these two input boxes.

Updating the values manually

You can also edit the settings manually using the steps below.

  • Find the my_variables.sbc on your computer and open it with the ShopBot editor.
  • Find the following lines (near the bottom of the file):
&my_XinHead2offset = 6 'Input the distance in inches between router 1 and router 2 in the X direction here.
&my_YinHead2offset = 0 'Input the distance in inches between router 1 and router 2 in the Y direction here.

Note that there are also values for millimeter units, you don't have to change these lines if you are not going to use millimeters.

  • Change the numbers 6 and 0 to your desired values of 3 and 1.
  • When you create your toolpath files with Part Wizard or other Delcam Product, the procedure will be different depending on whether you want to create a part file to be run on your primary (head1) or secondary(head2) z axis. If you want to create the .sbp file for the secondary(head2) Z axis, then you need to use the postprocessor for ShopBot head2 .
  • If you want to create a part file for the primary (head1) z axis, then you need to select the postprocessor in the list called Shopbot(arcs)(inch)(*.sbp) (This is the one you probably have been using all along)

Here's an example of a 2 head part file

FP, c:\SbParts\Custom\My_variables.sbc 

The first line calls the file with the variables stored in it.

The line starting "J4" is as follows

  • Jogs X to 2.047 - the offset of the second Z on the X axis.
  • Jogs Y to 1.7 - the offset of the second Z on the Y axis.
  • The ,, skips moving Z.
  • The last number (0.2362200) jogs A to that height location.
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