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These Instructions are abbreviated from: [1] on the ShopBot website.

Mechanical Installation

The probe itself installs into the ¼” collet of your spindle/router. The probe comes fitted with a 1/8” stylus that is a good general purpose size for probing an object and then cutting it with a 1/8” bit if you are scaling 1:1. Also included is a ¼” & 1/16” stylus, which can be used for higher resolution work or for situations where you are collecting points for further work in a CAM program. You can replace the stylus by unscrewing the lower section of the stylus from the upper section and replacing it with the desired size you would like from the ones provided.

Secure the probe in the collet so that it does not rotate. If your spindle/router rotates easily, a piece of tape usually works well to keep it from turning.


The probe comes with a cable to connect it to your Z-Zero Plate. If you did not purchase a Z-Zero plate with your tool then you will need to run a wire for the probe. This needs to be a three wire cable and the connections are: connect the RED wire to the 5v+ terminal on your input strip; connect the GREEN/White wire to one of the Ground terminals; and connect the BLACK wire to Input#1 (this is the typical input number, please call before using a different one). You can disconnect your probe at the Wago connector when it is not in use. (You may use other color wires as long as they correspond to the wires on the probe side correctly. DAMAGE to the probe can result from improper wiring)

NOTE TO SHOPBOT OWNERS WHO HAVE A ZZERO PLATE and cable. If you want to un-clutter your tool, you can rewire your Zzero plate if necessary (the wire has 3 wires instead of 2) so that you only have one cable for your accessories. Wire the Zzero plate directly into the Wago connector at the end of the cable using the Wago wire insertion tool to release the terminal clamps in the connector. When wiring the new connector, arrange the wires so that the wire from the GROUND CLAMP is connected to the Green/White wire, and the wire from the Zzero plate is connected to the Black wire (this may differ from your existing color match).

The sensitivity of your probe has been set at the factory and is not adjustable. A red LED in the probe indicates when it is connected and functioning normally. When the probe is contacted, the LED will be turned off indicating contact.

The small adjustment screw in the bottom of the probe is used to switch from ‘normally-closed’ to ‘normally-open’ operation modes. For typical use with a ShopBot you should never need to adjust this screw.

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