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I have been using a cnc router of my own design for the last two years and have just assembled a PRS 96 for our local vocational college. I will be teaching classes on the Shopbot beginning this week. One method of holding parts on the table that I have never seen on any of the forums is hot melt glue. I use it almost exclusively. Hot melt glue is inexpensive, holds any material well and is available everywhere. The glue does not disturb the product or the table. I just "tack weld" the wood to the table in a few places and it has never failed from holding. Do not touch the glue for at least a minute after you apply it to the part and table. Also do not put your finger in your mouth if you fail to wait the minute and touch it anyway. It will burn your finger and your mouth. This may seem very elementary, however it is an automatic reaction to the burning sensation. Try using hot melt glue and you will find an easy and effective way of holding both large and small parts on your table.

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