Maintaining Electrical Parts

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Maintaining Electrical Parts:

There should be no maintenance of electrical or electronic parts required. Make sure all the connectors stay firmly in place. Do not risk electrical interference with the operation of your tool by adding any more tools or appliances to the ShopBot circuit than necessary.

There are 2 things to avoid to protect your electronics:

  • Never unplug a motor or motor cable with the power on. This can cause a surge of power to the motor driver circuitry can destroy it (a bad connection in the motor wire will do the same thing).
  • Don’t push the tool manually/physically with the motors plugged in to the Control Box, whether it is off or on. The motors can generate a current that will zap the motor drivers. (It is ok to push the tool a very short distance, very slowly, as you might do to push it up against the end stops from ½” away.) Just unplug the motor wires before you do any serious pushing around.

Note: The motors may hum when they are at stand-still because the power being applied to them using PWM (pulse width modulation) ‘chopper’ electronics. This sound is normal. There will also be a slight ‘thunk’ when the motors are initially powered on...that's normal too.

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