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Welcome to the ShopBot project wiki, a resource for all kinds of information on using your ShopBot CNC tool and making things with it. There's always information being added and refined, and wikis really work best when everyone adds to them. Anyone can read the information but you'll need to create an account to edit or add to the's free and easy to do by clicking the "log in/create account" button in the upper right corner. If you're new to working with wikis you can find some Help here and try things out in the Test Sandbox

We've broken things down into what we think (hope!) are logical categories so feel free to browse around and PLEASE add to or edit any information that you find that you think could use some improvement. As with all new projects there are lots of empty sections in the beginning but we hope you'll help fill it in quickly.

Getting Started with your ShopBot

ShopBots and Accessories

Techniques...Holddown, etc

Materials and Supplies

Using Software

Design ideas and tips

a little history of ShopBot Tools for the new folks.

BillYoung, Ted
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