Longer bit life

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Increasing bit life while drilling:

  • When using a spindle you can use a single flute compression tool, peck drilling, 1/4" plunges and very low RPM like about 6,000 with a Z rate of 5"/sec. Tools will cut thousands of holes without burning. For melamine drilling we either use a down spiral or a plastics drill for through holes.
  • For small hole you can use twist drills, a 1/16" collet and 4,000 RPMs spindle speed with peck drilling.
  • Try using a smaller bit...a 3/16" bit is a little bit smaller than 5mm...and the CP commands with the "spiral plunge with bottom pass" option turned on. It makes a tiny circle when it's plunging which reduces the friction and keeps the bit cooler. Make sure you use a slow feed speed , i.e. 1 to 2 ips. Anything faster and you could get elliptical holes instead of circles. Drill straight down about 1/2 the depth of the hole and then do a spiral with bottom pass with the CP command.
  • When drilling a same-size hole with a bit...a 1/4" hole with a 1/4" bit for instance...make sure that you use an end-cutting bit. Not all bits are designed to cut on the end of the bit and will overheat.
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