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Any suggestions on getting a clean cut in Alupanel or DiBond, the plastic panels with Aluminum skins?

  • With an Onsrud 61-081 (1/4 CED, 3/8 CEL, straight edge O-flute) at 14 000 RPM and 2"/sec. with 1/8 stepdown (through cut) and ramping into the cut, the aluminum cuts beautifully. Climb cutting seems to leave the cut on the plastic core cleaner than Conventional cutting.

(Conventional cut on top, Climb cut on Bottom)

  • Try a single spiral O flute to get the results you are after (or v-bit for mitering corners to brake up a 90°). Don't go too slow as this generates heat and the Aluminum can pop off of the plastic from the heat. Efficient vacuum is a must for clean cutting.
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