Installing Firmware

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Firmware Update

There is software in the Control Box that is called Firmware. ShopBot periodically provides Firmware updates to improve functionality or capability of tools. These updates are included in the download of the Control Software. You'll receive a notice when you start the Control Software if there is a firmware update that you need to install. To do the Firmware update, switch the Control software to Preview Mode by typing [SP] at the command line or by clicking the Preview toggle in the red Display panel. Then type [UI] or select Utilities/Install Control Box Firmware and the firmware load will start.   Turn your control box off. Enter the port number you have your shopbot connected to then click load Firmware. After clicking Load firmware a new window will open. Turn your control box on, as soon as you turn your control box on the firmware will start loading. The install should not take any longer then 2 minutes.

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