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What files are specifically related to the ShopBot control software? Say, what Shopbot related files do I need to backup to recover my machine settings after an issue with my computer or changing the control PC?

  • C:\SbParts\ folder contain a lot of files that you are using with your tool. From routines to toolpath files and machine settings. Let's see it in details.
  • SbParts folder directly contain the default ShopBot routines. There are the ones to zero the machine axis and other more specific such as drill cycle and demo ShopBot logo.
  • SbParts also contain other sub folders.
  • \Custom\ contain one of the most important file for your tool unless your routines are very customized. 'my_variables.sbc' contain all of your tool settings such as workable size (table limit), Z-plate thickness, units used (metric or standard) and so on. The advanced user can be manually edit but the novice should be careful or edit it with the used of the 'SBsetup' utility (TS command). Most (if not all) of the other files are custom cuts (Custom#.sbc) which are sort of shortcuts for often used routines and files from the 'Cuts' menu of the ShopBot control software.
  • \MyProjects\ is where it's suggest to store your toolpath files ready to use. It is also suggest to create other sub folders in that one to organize the archived toolpath files.
  • \PartWizardPosts\ contain Part Wizard post processor files at installation. Not a necessity to backup; re-installing the software will restore those.
  • \Plasma\ conatain files related to the use of a plasma torch with your ShopBot tool. It's actually two routines that are plasma usage specific. Not a necessity to backup; re-installing the software will restore those.
  • \Training\ some interesting file about nesting capability of simply using the ShopBot programming language. Not a necessity to backup; re-installing the software will restore those.
  • \Vacuum\ are the file suggest by ShopBot to machine your machine bed (spoilboard/bleeder board/sacrificial top) to accomodate a vacuum grid for different machine size. Not a necessity to backup; re-installing the software will restore those.
  • C:\Program Files\ShopBot\ folder contain the controller software program specific files. Only a few are interesting to the common user.
  • \Program Files\ShopBot\Developer Tools\ contain programming related material.
  • \Program Files\ShopBot\Diagnostics\ contain information and utilities to troubleshoot communication issues or to check it's performance.
  • \Program Files\ShopBot\ShopBot 3\ this where the control software and it's files are stored. Two files are of a particular interest here. 'shopbot.ini' which is the file load by the control software each time you start it. In other words, the way you left the control software the last time. 'problem.log' is a file where some diagnostic records are store. You want to send this file to SB, along with 'shopbot.ini', when you contact ShopBot for help. Have a look at those files. *.log and *.ini are open/edit with text editor (Windows's Notepab). If you're an mid to advanced user, the content will mostly speak to you.
  • \Program Files\ShopBot\ShopBot 3\Bin\ contain file conversion utilities and one particular file you may (should) wish to backup. 'sbsys.log' record all activity of your tool. Another utility, ShopBot Odometer, use this file to display the total and daily usage time of your machine. If 'sbsys.log' get lost, the ShopBot Odometer will not enable records from the very beginning.
  • \Program Files\ShopBot\ShopBot 3\ControlBoxLoader\ contain a utility to load or update the control box firmware. It's generally used with the UI command in the control software.
  • \Program Files\ShopBot\ShopBot 3\Drivers\ contain necessary drivers for the communication serial to USB adapter used by the control software to communicate with the control box.
  • \Program Files\ShopBot\ShopBot 3\Help\ has pretty much all the documentation related to the use of your tool. Most of those documents can be accessed with the Help menu of the control software but more advanced material can only be found here.
  • \Program Files\ShopBot\ShopBot 3\Media\ contain icons and sound files related to ShopBot software.
  • \Program Files\ShopBot\ShopBot 3\Settings\ just like it says, it contains settings files which are generally use when one start the control software for the first time. This is a good place to store your own personal setups for your for different usage.

Hummm... OK... but again; what do I really need to backup?

  • The SbParts folder and it's sub folders. 'C:\SbParts\...'
  • The 'shopbot.ini' and 'problem.log' file in the 'C:\Program Files\ShopBot\ShopBot 3\' folder.
  • The 'sbsys.log' in the 'C:\Program Files\ShopBot\ShopBot 3\Bin\' folder.
  • Any other files and folders you are aware containing valuable content to you. This is a good time to make a complete system backup!

Simply copy and paste over the current content.

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