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Although in general you can zero all the Axis' wherever it works the best for you, if you'll be using the Indexer Virtual Tool we strongly recommend that you follow the zeroing rules below..

  • All the Indexer Virtual Tool files are created with the assumption that they will be cut with the bottom of the bit zeroed at the center of rotation, which is also the center of the blank and the center of the headstock and tailstock. It doesn’t matter if it’s a ballnose bit, a pointed roundover bit, or any other shape. The reason for zeroing at the center of rotation is that you'll have a consistent Z-axis zero point even if you don't get the blank mounted exactly in the center of rotation, but if for some reason you don't want to zero at the center of rotation you can zero on the face and adjust the diameter of the blank to match that zero point.
  • The crosswise axis MUST be zeroed at the center of the blank. So if you have setup the indexer so that the blank is running parallel to the X axis, the Y axis must be centered in the middle of the blank. If you have proximity switches on your ShopBot, you can create a new version of the XY homing routine to zero your indexer to make the job easy...just change the X and Y axis offsets and then save the file with a new name.

How do I zero the Z-axis on my Indexer?

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