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1) Use the ZZero plate to zero at some fixed spot on the indexer...maybe the top of the chuck or the headstock motor...and then measure the distance between that point and the center of turning. Most ShopBotters with indexers just create a second z-zero routine that adds that difference value to the "plate thickness" and use that Z-zero routine when they use the indexer, but you can manually do it as well by zeroing on your spot on the indexer and then using the VA command to change the Z-axis location.

2) Mount a large straight bit in your router and lower the bit until the bottom of the bit is at the center of rotation...the center of the headstock and tailstock. Zero the Z-axis. Mount a piece of lumber securely to the indexer rails and surface the top of the lumber with your bit. Use the milled lumber as a template with the z-zero plate on top of it whenever you need to zero the Z-axis.

Video Example

BillYoung, Rcnewcomb
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