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Once the Indexer is connected to the Control box you'll need to check some of it's settings. The motion of the Indexer is measured in degrees/second and not inches/second like the rest of the axis', so the unit values and speed settings might seem odd at first.

First you'll need to make sure that the B-axis is set for movement measured in Degrees and not Inches. Type [VD] and make sure that the "Display Units B Axis" value is set to Degrees. Once that is set correctly, close that fillin sheet, and type [VU] to open the fill-in sheet for setting unit values to confirm that the unit values for the B-axis are correct. Pick the type of Tool you have from the chart below then enter the corresponding Unit values into the B-axis box

Tool Type Unit Value
PRT 16
PRTalpha 13.889
PRSstandard and PRT/4g 34.722
PRSalpha 13.889

Next type [VS] to open the Speed settings fill-in sheet and check the B-axis settings. Remember that these Speeds are only suggestions for starting points and may be either too fast or too slow for your application

Tool Type Move Speed Jog Speed
PRT 180 240
PRTalpha 720 1440
PRSstandard 720 1440
PRSalpha 720 1440

These values give the Alpha and PRSstandard Indexers a move speed of 120 rpm and a jog speed of 240 rpm, and the PRT Indexers a move speed of 30 rpm and a jog speed of 40 rpm. These speeds may seem AWFULLY high but remember that speeds for the indexer are in degrees/sec and NOT inches/sec.

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