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Selecting this option will let you input values like the rough size of the blank, the final radius at the starting point, and the final radius at the end point. If you want to turn a simple cylinder, just put the same sizes in for the starting radius and end radius. Turn a taper by inputting different values for the 2 ends.

The stepdown and stepover values determine how much of a “bite” is taken by the bit as it works its way through the file. The stepdown value gives the maximum depth of cut that the bit can take. If the maximum depth is smaller than the difference between the rough diameter and the SMALLER of the starting or ending size, then the file will cut in multiple passes. The stepover value sets how far the bit moves along the blank for each revolution in the final pass. To help speed things up, all roughing passes will be cut at twice the stepover value. Then there will be a final pass at the actual stepover value that you entered in the box.

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