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Writing code can be fun with the Indexer and M5 Commands!

"Be the Bit" and move where ever you want. Knowing your axis travels and your relative position will help you avoid crashes! Mentally (or with help of cad) "map" your 3D environment using an xyz inch grid, then place your components and bits in this environment relative to each other.

The following is an example of text coding for the Shopbot Indexer. After writing simple commands in Windows Notepad, save it as a text file, then rename the extension to ".sbp"

Note: This assumes a Shopbot Indexer set to "B" axis. The v-bit was z-zeroed on the surface of a 8foot long by 5inch round blank. There are nine seperate spiral cuts, each making three revolutions and leading to a ring 1 foot from each end of the column. 360/9=40 so each spiral vector will be offset 40 degrees ("B" value) from the last.



The following graph is simply a way to visualize what the bit is doing and easily identify the direction that you need your bit to proceed to next as you write your commands.


And in just minutes, you have a nice spiral column.


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