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ShopBot Indexer

The ShopBot Indexer accessory is a variation on a lathe, using a stepper motor for rotation instead of a standard continuous rotation motor, so that precise movements can be made. This allows you to do jobs like 3d carving, wrapping v-carved text around a shape, and precise spiraling, along with creating traditional turning patterns like beading, fluting, and turning a blank to a shape.

A standard lathe can also be mounted on a ShopBot, allowing you to use it like a traditional lathe duplicator. You don't get the versatility of an Indexer with it's precise movements but there are many shapes that you can create quickly and easily


Indexer Setup

Indexer operation


  • Other software

Doing "turnings" without a ShopBot Indexer

  • Manual Indexing and multisided cutting

BillYoung, Scottcox
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