How much do these pumps cost? Where can I get a pump and the other necessary supplies?

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Ebay, and the Surplus Center in Nebraska, are the two major sources of these pumps for Shopbotters. Be aware that the Surplus Center unit is 220 volts (which works fine for our application, you just need to have a 220 line available in your shop....). Other popular sources are;, and Most of the "plumbing" for a rig like this is available at local hardware stores. Use brass, not aluminum, fittings for better seals in the system. I found a reasonably priced vacuum switch at MSC (; for about $43, (see below) The essential components for a rig like this are; 1-A check valve ( ) 2- A filter ( ) 3- Vacuum switch ( ) 4- A "muffler" (some pumps need them, others don't)- ( 5- A vacuum gauge- ( ) A "surge tank"is only needed when the material you are cutting is VERY warped and you can NOT pull it flat with the components listed above. For this any tank over 3 gallons capacity will do the job (compressor tank, propane tank, etc.)

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