How could I carve flutes in an oval dished area?

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"Can anyone tell me how to cut a series of flutes inside a oval. The oval is to be 48" X18" with a 4" frame, so there is an inner oval that is to be 40" X 10". The flutes will run horizontally inside the smaller oval. The smaller oval is to be cleared out .125 deep, then the flutes would be cut in. The flutes would probably be .375 X .375, or something like that."

  1. Set the material zero to Top
  2. Select the inner oval
  3. Select Pocket toolpath then the end mill bit you want
  4. Set depth to .125
  5. Hit Calculate. Tool path will be generated.
  6. Now for the flutes select Profile toolpath
  7. Select Ballnose bit possibly .375
  8. Select Machine vector "On" ( to follow center of vector)
  9. Make start depth .125 (the depth of your area clear previously)
  10. Make cut depth the depth you want your flutes to be...0.375 in this example
  11. The flutes will be .375 deep since they will start at the surface of the 0.125 area clear.

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