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ShopBot Tools, Inc was started in 1996 by Ted Hall to create a tool to make it easier to cut plywood panels for boatbuilding, his hobby. The original ShopBots were cable driven tools that rolled on Unistrut rails, but in 1999 the cable driven tools became PR Tools with the addition of a rack and pinion drive system on the same Unistrut rails. In 2001 the PRT Tools were introduced, using an angled steel rail and precision V Wheels to replace the Unistrut rails and patio-door roller wheels. The PRT Tools also introduced the closed loop [AlphaStep] drive system from Oriental Motors. In 2007 the PRS Tools were introduced, using aluminum extrusions and hardened rails for the rolling gear. The PRS Tools are available as either the PRSalpha with AlphaStep drive system or the PRSstandard with the new Version 4g Control Board that uses Gecko drivers.

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