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Wikis use a simple formatting system that's easy to learn. To try it out just select the page that you want to add to and either click the "edit" tab or double-click in the page to go into editing mode. Many of the formatting options that you might want are in the toolbar that appears when you click the "Edit" tab like bold and italic, along with buttons to add images (note - not active yet).

  • To create a new linked page you can type the name for your new page and then enclose the name in double ['s so that it looks like this...[[my new page]] in the editing box. It will turn into a link to the new page like this my new page in the wiki. That page link will be red until you add content to it, and then it will turn blue.
  • A better way to format links to new pages is to give the page both a name and a description which will appear in the link. You do this by using the same 2-bracket format as before, but with the name of your new page first, then the "|" character (the one above the "\" on your keyboard), and then the descriptive text that you want to appear in the page link. A link done this way might look like this when you were typing it in edit mode [[DesignSoftwareMain|this]] but would just show the descriptive text in the page link like this. This lets you use a long phrase or sentence as the page link...maybe a question...without having to use that as the page name. This way you can give the page a name that categorizes it better and also use different page link text to go to the same page
  • Sometime the wiki formatting gets in the way of things like code samples. If that happens just select that section and click the "Ignore wiki formatting" button in the toolbar...the one with the "W" with the red circle and line through it...and it won't be formatted.
  • Here's one formatting tip...if you want to start a new line of text you have to add a full blank line by hitting enter twice.

You can find more advanced information on wiki formatting at

How to edit a page

How to create a new page

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