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Is there any material that simulates Gold leaf?

  • A product called "RUB & Buff" can be used for fill and wipe on glass signs. Shows GOLD and other metalic finishes. From the Manufacturers web site: "Made from imported carnauba waxes, fine metallic powders, and select pigments, Rub 'n Buff gives almost any surface a new look in minutes. This unique blend gives objects decorated with Rub 'n Buff a finish that no paint can duplicate. It can be applied to any clean, dry surface as well as over previously painted surfaces. One 1/2 oz. tube covers up to 20 square feet. It's easy to apply. Just rub onto any surface with finger or soft cloth, then buff to a lustrous finish. Rub 'n Buff is ideal for picture frames, stenciling, faux finishing, antiquing, home decor, restoration, and crafts"
  • "I have used the Rub n Buff pretty regularly as I started my journey with etching and sandblasting glass and ceramics. I have to say it works great on ceramics. I still have carved mugs that have been thru the wash many times with color still good. Clear glass will wear off quicker probably because of the glass cleaners. I have yet to find a suitable use for it on my signwork though. It wouldn't work on any porous surface as when it dries it really has to be "BUFFED" off. The surface you need to buff it off of has to be glass smooth. If you're looking at it for laser engraving glass it is a very suitable product. May take several coats, The gold and silver will wear off quicker."
  • "Decent fake chrome or gold look. Auto World (Oscar Kovaleski) out of Scranton, PA used to sell it in their catalog."
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