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The ShopBot Control software:

You always want to make sure that you are running the most recent version of the Control Software for your type of ShopBot. Each new version of the ShopBot software includes small changes and bug fixes that may help to solve the problem you're having. You can tell which version of the Control Software is installed by selecting Help>About in the Control Software menu or typing [HA] at the Command line. There will be a line that says "Software Version", followed by a series of numbers separated by dots.


That number is the version of the Control Software that is installed. Once you've found that version number, check for the current Software version in the SUPPORT section of the ShopBot web site for the link and, if there's a newer version available for your type of ShopBot, download it and install it on the computer you use to run your ShopBot. Control Software Download

Occasionally the firmware that's installed in the Control Box needs to be updated when a new version of the Control software is installed, so if you happened to receive a notice to update your Control Box Firmware (click here).

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