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Supported G-Code Commands:

The ShopBot Control software will read G-code files and also G-code commands within a part file. Here are the G-code and M-code commands that the software currently understands.

note: Some G-code instructions, such as G17/18/19 (plane assignment) and G41/42 (tool compensation) do not currently have ShopBot equivalent commands and are not converted.

Supported G-Code commands:

G00 Rapid Move

G01 Cut move

G02 Arc CW (I,J relative always)

G03 Arc CCW (I,J relative always)

G04 Dwell

G28 Goto to Home

G29 Return from home to current position (before G28 command)

G90 Absolute coordinates

G91 Relative coordinates

G92 Reposition/reset Origin

Supported M-code commands:

M00 Program Stop (implemented as a Pause)

M01 Optional Program Stop (implemented as a Pause)

M02 Program End

M03 Spindle On (Switch 2 on)

M04 Spindle CCW (All ouputs OFF)

M05 Spindle off (switch 2 off)

M08 Coolant on (switch 3 on)

M09 Coolant off (switch 3 off)

M10 Clamp on (switch 4 on)

M11 Clamp off (switch 4 off)

M30 Program End

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