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Design Software:

Software is what makes it all work. Here we'll talk about working with design software that lets you be creative and productive. Tips on using the ShopBot software that controls and interacts with your ShopBot is in the ShopBot Control software section.

If you're not sure where to start, here are some tips to help you decide what kind of software you need.

Design Software that is or has been supplied with the purchase of a ShopBot.
This category covers CAD software that's used for precise "Engineering" type drawings like AutoCAD, as well as Graphic or Illustration software like CorelDraw that's used for more  "artistic" work.
This is you'll find info on all type of 3D software be it Solid, NURBS, Mesh, Subdivision, "Clay" based.
This is software for creating toolpaths from drawings or models created in other programs, either 2d or 3d. MillWizard, Visual Mill, and Cut3D are examples of CAM software.
Software that has both Design and Toolpathing capabilities. VCarvePro is an example of CAD/CAM software.

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