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Copy Machine output formats:

If you just want to copy something cut it EXACTLY the way it was probed then the sbp option is the creates a ShopBot file. You can just remove whatever you're using to probe with and replace it with a bit THAT'S THE SAME SIZE AND SHAPE AS YOUR PROBE TIP. Zero the Z-axis so that the bit is at the same height as the probe and your ready to run the file and cut the part. You can also bring convert the sbp file to a surface using the "probe to surface translator", one of the other Virtual Tools (TB), or import into PW3d .

Select one of the dxf options if you need to edit the files in a CAD program, though editing 3d files in particular is not necessarily an easy task. You can spend a lot of time without making things any better! The "dxf points" option works with programs that can create surfaces from point clouds, but some programs including Part Wizard and other Delcam products don't understand dxf points. The "dxf polyline" option creates a continuous polyline that you could split up and use as cross-sections and paths in sweeps or lofts to create 3d surfaces, or use as-is if you're creating 2d profiles.

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