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  • You'll need to securely mount your pattern to your table so that it doesn't move when it's being scanned. It also need to high enough off of the table surface that the probe doesn't drag on the table, giving false triggers.

  • The first move that the routines make is a large Y-axis move, so you'll need to pick a starting point where this move will contact the edge of your pattern. You can pick the starting point before you start the Copy Machine, or wait until the keypad opens later on. Also make sure that you pick a large enough value for "Safe maximum Y-axis stop location" so that this first Y-axis move will make it to the starting point. The search for the pattern will begin by moving in the positive Y direction and will keep moving in that direction until it contacts the pattern or reaches this Y-axis position. This is an ABSOLUTE value and most of the time you'll just want to set this to the Y-axis dimension of your table and then not change it any more.

  • If you use the foil tape method, be sure that the foil goes completely around the pattern with no breaks or gaps.

  • Because it's basically just feeling its way along, your stylus probably won't land exactly on a corner. If your pattern has sharp corners, you'll need to edit the file in a CAD program or manually add the coordinates of the corner to the ShopBot file with a text editor.
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