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Boxcutter Overview:

BoxCutter is a software product that is used to layout parts on sheet goods and generate files to run on the ShopBot CNC machine. The software is extremely easy to use. Just specify your sheet goods, specify your cabinet box outside dimensions, adjust the construction techniques for how YOU build cabinets and a Part List, Part Labels are generated. The parts are automatically nested onto sheets. ShopBot cut files are automatically generated along with a print out of the sheets so that you can label the parts as they are cut.


With this software and given
a) the definition of some sheet goods
b) the dimensions of my cabinet boxes.

Then let the user define How THEY want to build your cabinets, then with this information.

*) a 3D view of a typical box. (this was a lot of fun to write)
*) Generate a part list
*) Generate part labels (on mailing labels to place on the parts as they are cut)
*) Generate Sheet Layout printouts
*) Generate the shopbot files for each sheet that would drill and cut the parts.


The PRO Version 2.2 of the BoxCutter cabinet casework software is currently available for free from

Enter this PRO Key: 9F2E-9648-A6AD-98B8 when installing the software


Boxcutter website

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